Test Tube Sticker Labeling Machine

Test Tube Labeling MachineThe inhaler, test tube horizontal sticker labeling machine is gracefully designed and very user friendly. This multi pack equipment is generally used to relate sticker labels on inhalers, test tube, round ampoules, vials, pre-fill syringes, etc. It includes a classy micro processor proscribed system for label dispensing, and a sensing structure for products and labels. Our products can operate stand alone or be integrated into larger systems.  This machine is also suitable for labeling round shaped objects with uneven or small diameter.

Also, manual Single Spindle & semi-automatic Four Spindle machines are available for low volume production .

1. This equipment is suitable for the carton and cards to label.

2. Automatic paging for material.

3. It use Vacuum adsorption to delivery to ensure high precision.

4. Automatic closed material, easy to operate, humanized design.

5. It Can be customized.

Technical Specification

Label Height : 8 mm to 90/120/150 mm Standard*;
Label Length : 12 mm Minimum
Label Roll Dia. :; 400 mm;
Core Dia. :; 75/76 mm
Gap Between two Labels : appx. 3 mm;
Label Accuracy : 1 mm (except the post and the error of the label itself);
Product Diameter :; + 1 mm 15 mm to 90 mm*;
Electrical : 220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50/60 Hz)
Power : 1.5 Amp.
Capacity : 0.75 Kw
Speed Up to 120 Labels per minute depending on Product and Label Size
Conveyor height : 830-875 mm*
Machine Directio n of Movement : Left to Right from operator side