Bottle Labelling Machine 50ml. to 250ml .Round Bottel

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Bottle Labelling Machine such as Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine, Semi Automatic Sticker Labelling Machine, Vial Sticker Labeling Machine, Semi Automatic Horizontal Sticker Labeling Machine, Hologram Sticker Labeling Machine, Vertical Sticker Labeling Machine and many more items.


Power: 230 Volts (Single phase) AC 50 Hz.

Machine Dimensions: 1828mm. (L) X 610mm.(W) X 1200mm.(H)

Case Dimensions: 2030mm. (L) X 760mm.(W) X 1325mm. (H)

Input Specifications: Label Height: 10mm. to 160mm.

Label Length: 12mm. to Unlimited.

Gap between two labels: Minimum 5 mm.

Label Roll Dia: 300mm. Maximum.

Label Core Dia: 75 mm.

Container Dia: 20mm. to 120mm.

Material Used: S.S. 304

Conveyor Belt: S.S. 304 (6 Feet Length)

S.S. GMP Model.
No Bottles - No labeling system.
Machine Advantage: No change parts are required to change any bottle & label sizes.
In your special case offer machine with Touch code printer to print Mfg. Expiry, Batch No. etc…
Labeling Capacity: 60 to 80 Bottles/Minute (Depending upon size of Labels & Bottles)
Stepper Motor: 60 Kg/cm2
Programmable MMI Unit: Standard (Our own
** Terms and Condtion Apply..
Minimum Quantity 2 Nos.

A.C. Frequency drive for conveyor & pressing device
Total synchronized with stepper motor & A.C. motor with single speed variator port.
Applicator height is adjustable as per customer requirement to change labeling position on the bottle
In built speed indicator & counter.
No change parts are required to be changing any container & label sizes, hence only one time investment.

Minimum Quantity 2 Nos.